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I don’t really know what to say in a first blog post. I have been told that it is a good idea both as a software engineer and as an author to have a web site to showcase my work.

Well, this is it — the raw first pass without much software or much of my writing. Because I am still in the process of understanding how to manage my web site, surprisingly this is one area that I have avoided for most of my life involved in computers and the web. I have written web sites that were hosted by others, I have managed the backend of web farms, and I have written responses and posts for blogs that others managed. But heretofore I have avoided owning and operating my site with my blog and pages that I need to make the fundamental decisions about content and framework.

Not surprisingly I have found that the fundamentals are taking me longer than I expected. Making the necessary decisions like what layout and what color scheme were, different than I expected when the site had to represent me and my work. This fact surprised me. I had thought that I was more decisive than I turned out to be.

I will be posting here periodically as well as expanding the site with personal software projects and pages. While I continue to work on my novel and post to Medium. My expectation is that soon I will start posting chapters here for anyone interested to read and review the pre-release work and probably include links to some of my articles on Medium.

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